with a Woman-Owned, Small!!

…From pipettes to private jets, Reese Industries
can help your purchasing team procure it all
while meeting your company’s EDWOSB set-aside goals.

Overwhelmed with your BOM or Buy list?
Reese’s purchasing team is eager to assist!

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                                  NO KIDDING, REESE LOVES KITTING!  

                                          … And we’re great at it too, with a perfect on-time delivery and

                                         quality performance rating of 100% from all of our kitted customers.


                                    Reese’s value-added kitting service will efficiently help your company:

                                                – Minimize lead times

                                                – Cut costs

                                                – Eliminate logistical nightmares

                                                – Amplify productivity


           To request a complete listing of our past performances kitting sheet email:
or call: 480.502.2700.