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A/C – Aircraft
ACU – Army Combat Uniform
AIT – Advanced Individual Training
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
AOG – Aircraft On Ground
APICS – American Production & Inventory Control Society
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
ATE – Automated Test Equipment
ATO – Assemble To Order


B2B – Business To Business
BCT – Basic Combat Training
BGA – Ball Grid Array
BMP – Best Manufacturing Practices
BOH – Balance On Hand
BOM – Bill of Materials
BTF – Build To Forecast
BTO – Build To Order
BTS – Build To Stock


CAD – Computer Aided Design
CAE – Competer Aided Engineering
CAGE – Commercial And Government Entity (as in CAGE Code)
CALS – Continuous Acquisition & Life Cycle Support
CBP – Customs & Border Protection
CCA – Circuit Card Assembly
CCR – Central Contractor Registration
CCS – Central Control Ship; Container Control Site
CMI – Customer Managed Inventory
CofC – Certificate of Compliance/Conformance
CONOPS – Concept of Operations
CPM – Certified Purchasing Manager
CQA – Certified Quality Auditor
CQE – Certified Quality Engineer
CSI – Customer Satisfaction Index


DAQ – Data Acquisition
DBMS – Database Management System
DC – Date Code
DEFCON – Defense Readiness Condition
DHS – Department of Homeland Security
DIP – Dual In-Line Package
DLA – Defense Logistics Agency
DMSMS – Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortage
DOD – Department of Defense


EAI – External Application Interface
ECO – Engineering/Electronic Change Order
EDGAR – Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval
EDWOSB – Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
EIN/TIN – Employee Identification Number/Tax Identification Number
EOL – End-Of-Life
ERAI – Electronic Resellers Association International
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
ESD – Electrostatic Discharge


FA – Flexible Automation
FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulation
FIFO – First In First Out
FOB – Freight On Board/Free On Board
FOD – Foreign Object Debris
FP – Flat Pack
FPCON – Force Protection Conditions FPCON Alpha, Bravo,Charlie, Delta.
FPT – Fine Pitch Technology
FRU – Field Replaceable Units
FUBAR – Frustrated Up Beyond All Recognition


GIDEP – Government Industry Data Exchange Program
HACCP – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points


IC – Integrated Circuit
ICE – Immigration & Customs Enforcement
ICON – Imagery Communications and Operations Node; Intermediate Coordination Node
IR – Infrared
ISO – International Standards Organization
ITAR – International Traffic in Arms Regulations


JIT – Just In Time


KGD – Known Good Die
KPI – Key Preformance Indicator


LCC – Life Cycle Cost
LCL – Less Than Container Load
LDO – Laser Designator Operator
LIFO – Last In First Out
LP – Lean Production
LSI – Large Scale Intergration
LTL – Lead Time
LTL – Less Than Truckload


MADE – Manufacturing Automation & Design Exploration
MCS – Manufacturing Control System
MCT – Movement Control Team
MEMS – Micro-Electromechanical Systems
MILSPEC – Military Specification
MLB – Multi-Layer Board
MOLLE – Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
MPS – Master Production Schedule
MRP – Materials Requirement Planning
MRP – Material Resources Planning
MSD – Moisture Sensitive Device
MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet


NAICS – National Association of Woman Business Owners
NAWBO – Non-Destructive Testing
NDT – North American Industry Classiffcation System
NE – New Equipment, Condition
NIIN – National Item Indentification Number
NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology
NORAD – North American Aerospace Defense Command
NPI – New Product Introduction
NS – New Surplus, Condition
NSN – National Stock Number


OCR – Optical Character Recognition
OCS – Officer Candidate School
ODM – Orgional Design/Device Manufacture
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
OS/D – Over Short Damaged
OSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Administration
OTC – OnTime Delivery To Commit Date
OTCR – OnTime Delivery Performance To Customer Request Date
OTED – One Touch Exchange of Die


PCA – Printed Circuit Assembly
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
PM – Preventive Maintenance
PO – Purchase Order
POC – Point of Contact
PPM – Parts Per Million
PSN – Packet Switching Node; Public Switch Network
PWA – Printed Wiring
PWB – Printed Wiring Board


QA – Quality Assurance
QMS – Quality Management System
QPL – Qualified Products List/ Qualifed Parts List


R&D – Research & Design
RFI – Radio Frequency Interference; Ready For Issue; Request For Information
RFP – Request For Proposal
RFQ – Request For Quotation
RMA – Return Material Authorization
ROA – Return on Assets
RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances
ROI – Return On Investment
ROP – Reorder Point
RPM – Revoultions Per Minute
RPM – Rapid Response Manufacturing
RTD – Research & Technical Development
RTM – Read The Manual


SCAR – Supplier Corrective Action Request
SCM – Supply Chain Management
SIP – Single-in-Line Package
SKU – Stock Keeping Unit
SMA – Surface Mount Assembly
SMC – Surface Mount Components
SMT – Surface Mount Technology
SO – Small Outline
SOIC – Small Outline Integrated Circuit
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SOT – Small Outline Transistor
SPC – Statistical Process Control
STB – Stock To Build


TAB – Tape Automated Bonding
TACT – Total Average Cycle Time
TBGA – Tape Ball Grid Array
TCM – Time Critical Manufacturing
TIN/EIN – Tax Identification Number/Employee Identification Number
TMP – Target Materials Program; Telecommunications Management Program
TQC – Total Quality Control
TQM – Total Quality Management


VAD – Value Added Distributor
VAR – Value Added Reseller
VFP – Very Fine Pitch
VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration
VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory
VSOIC – Very Small Outline IC


WMS – Warehouse Management System